Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meal No. 651: Shrimp Bisque

It's been leftovers out the wazoo since the big weekend of cooking and special meals, but tonight was a return to something fresh-prepared in the Roediger House kitchen.

I harkened back to the New Year's Day 2012 special lunch item of shrimp bisque, which yet again was really delicious. I've made a note on the recipe, though, to cut down on the amount of crushed red pepper flakes. It brings just too much heat to the bisque and that's a detraction.

One ingredient in this is a quarter cup of white rice, coarsely ground. For that sort of job, I have this Kuhn Rikon spice grinder, but I about got a blister from twisting and twisting and twisting. In the middle of prepping this meal, I stopped and ordered an electric grinder from Clearly, I have insufficient patience, stamina, or perseverance, and perhaps an out-of-whack sense of the realities of my disposable income.

"Shrimp Bisque with Crab and Tapioca," from Food & Wine, November 2011, p. 150, 152. Also available online.

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