Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is LaRoque on the Lam?

All I can do is marvel that the General Contractor for the renovation and addition project of 2008-2009 has pretty much disappeared. And he did so with quite a few tasks/repairs left hanging.

So a few weeks ago I wrote the following letter to Peter R. LaRoque of Mocksville, NC.

20 October 2012

Peter R. LaRoque
LaRoque Construction
133 Hickory Drive
Mocksville, North Carolina 27028

Dear Pete,

You have left pending a number of items and issues still to be repaired or addressed at my house. Will you be returning to complete the work, or will you be paying someone else to do so? Please let me hear from you by November 15, 2012, regarding these matters.


Raymond C. Jones

My deadline for him has passed, and silence has been the only reply.

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