Monday, April 30, 2012

Meal No. 490: Coriander & Ginger-Crusted Tuna

Headed out of town this afternoon for three days of work in Virginia, but I also wanted to work in a good meal before I left.

This was a grilled tuna with a coriander and ground ginger spice rub. What went with it was a very interesting avocado sauce that did not sound like my kind of thing, but I tried it anyway. Because it also had fresh grated ginger and wasabi paste, it made this whole meal take on an almost sushi-roll flavor, and I loved it.

I also tried out a simple risotto sidedish that was really good and not nearly plentiful enough. I even had beets, as well, which I've never done at home.

So another meal with all three components being brand-new elements in the RoHo kitchen...

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