Monday, April 23, 2012

Cyprus and Cass Hang Out

Recently, good friend Amy Williamson got to slip away for about a week to enjoy a cruise with her mom and sister. So her pup Cass came and stayed at the Roediger House. He and Cyprus were happy companions, enjoying a range of friendly activities, including keeping a close eye on the squirrels outside under the bird feeder.

Cass is a sweet, fun, and funny little guy. When Amy first dropped him off, I guess I didn't realize that the chew strips that she'd brought were (1) inside his open crate, and (2) open. That cute rascal went and brought them out one-by-one and arranged them like he was setting the table or something. Pretty adorable:

Speaking of Cyprus, I do believe I have managed to let that sweet girl get fat.

I can also tell you that she found the new pile of topsoil to be quite a mystery. Plus, it blocks off access to the back corner of the lot, where she regularly patrolled for varmints and rodents.

As long as I'm talking about Cyprus, let me add that that girl can always tell when I'm packing my bags to leave for a few days of work, and she does not like it. This is the sort of look that she'll give me as she rests on her palate in the bedroom while maintaining a canine equivalent of a sad scowl:

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